School is not a guarantee in Ethiopia.

Children are often responsible for fetching water, caring for livestock or watching younger siblings while parents attempt to earn enough to feed their families. 

But every parent who wants the very best for their child knows that an education is one of the only ways out of the cycle of poverty so many in Ethiopia find themselves in. 

Although public schools don’t charge tuition, there are registration fees to pay and uniforms and supplies to purchase that simply make going to school for many families out of reach.

We have a goal that every school-aged child whose family is in our Adoption Ministry 1:27 program will be able to attend school.  We care for approximately 1600 children through our sponsored families and about 200 of them cannot attend school due to finances.


The monthly support these families receive is often only enough to pay for food and a few extras – like part of their rent.  But if there are a lot of children in the family or their poverty is deep, they need extra help to pay the costs associated with school. We have put together a ‘Back-To-School Package’ which will include:

  • backpack
  • school books
  • supplies
  • uniform
  • lunch box
  • registration fee

school pkg 4Here’s how you can help!  Visit our Adoption Ministry 1:27 ‘Send Help’ page here, find the Back-To-School Package and for your donation of $55 you will be providing a child with everything they need to go to school.  Your gift of any amount to help with these costs will be welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for helping us reach the goal of an education for every child in each of our AM 1:27 project areas!