“God told us what love is and showed us what love does… so we seek to do likewise.”
Christian Alliance for Orphans

He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow.
Deut. 10:18

We’d love to help you engage your local church in this ministry to widows and orphans, much like Brooklake Church has done.  We are seeking a church to partner with us in the exciting work that has begun in a village in Ethiopia where:

  • evangelists are sharing the gospel with the unreached
  • at-risk families will be stabilized through sponsorship 
  • the poorest single mothers will be empowered through small-business loans so they can support
              their families
  • 40 children will attend free kindergarten and will get an excellent start to their educations. 
  • Would your church like to invest in this village to establish long-term relationships resulting in a transformed community?  Call and talk to our ministry director, Joy Casey, for more detailed information.  253-770-2283