We have a great place for you to give a gift to your mom or grandmother that will have a life-changing impact for a mother in Ethiopia!

In our YWAM Gift Catalog you can choose to give bedding for a woman who sleeps on the ground.


Or school supplies and fees so a mother can send her children to school, changing their futures. 

Or formula for a young mother’s baby who isn’t getting enough nourishment. 


Or a much-needed set of clothing for a woman wearing rags.


While you celebrate the mothers in your life at Mother’s Day, you will also bless a mother on the other side of the world!

Visit the YWAM Gift Catalog by clicking the button below, then let us know the mother you choose to give in honor of and we’ll be happy to send out a beautiful card on your behalf to her. 
gift catalog button2

Happy Mother’s Day!