6 Things Adopted Kids Must Know by Age 6

6 Crucial Things Kids Must Know About Adoption By Age Six
Have you told your child these six crucial things she has to know about adoption? What resources were helpful?

What’s the Apostle Paul doing with the term ‘adoption’?
Realize it or not, this is a very important question. Stop for a minute and think about how you would answer it…

Parents of Adoptees
As an older adoptee, I understand now that keeping the Chinese identity alive in a child is important. I think if my family would have taken a more productive role in my education on culture, I would not face some of the challenges as I do now.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Adoption
Those of us waiting on adoptions have our own set of things to expect, some similar, some different.  With one pregnancy, one adoption, and one adoption on the way, here are some things I’ve learned to expect…

Green-Eyed Mom-Monster
When I couldn’t meet a need or presented her with a boundary that she didn’t like, she turned to the nearest woman in the room.  She’d walk from woman to woman until she found someone to do what she wanted.  Sometimes she’d wiggle out of my arms to run to a stranger who was smiling at her and beg to be picked up.  “Love me.  Accept me!  Look at how cute I am!”