A place to gather with other adoptive families who ‘get it?’

Concrete answers for some of the issues you’re seeing in your adopted child concerning behavior, control, fear and sleep?

Tools to help your child on the road to healing?

A collective arm around your weary shoulders to tell you you’re going to make it?


Many of us would love to attend one of the Empowered to Connect conferences but the cost of travel makes it really difficult.  So Show Hope and ETC are bringing the conference to you via live simulcast!


These two-day conferences are designed to bring encouragement and practical helps to pre and post adoptive and foster parents, as well as to social workers, agency professionals and ministry leaders. Some of the top folks in adoption work will be presenters, including Dr. Karyn Purvis of the TCU Institute of Child Development. 

Several of our YWAM adoptive parents have attended an ETC conference and told us how very worthwhile it was… you can read about them here.

Churches all across the country are hosting this simulcast on Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11.  Most are low cost (or no cost) to attend!  Check this map for a location near you and find registration information at each individual location site.  Then be sure to let us know if you’re going!