We are recruiting a team of caring folks who stand ready to help us meet the urgent needs of our AM 1:27 sponsored families – either by helping financially themselves or by rallying the support of friends and family.  This is our Emergency Response Team
What kinds of needs arise? 
Families in Ethiopia can face medical or housing emergencies or have needs related to man-made or natural disasters that they are simply unable to pay for… so the ER Team embraces these women and children by providing the essentials with their financial gifts.
How will the team be alerted? 

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If you prefer you can give us your email or your cell phone number and we will text or email you.

Here is our first ER Team notification…

We just received word from our case manager in Dembidollo that a tragedy has hit Gezworke, a single mother of two girls.  She was cooking dinner in her home over a charcoal fire when something ignited and within minutes her entire house was burned to the ground.  It’s not hard to understand how this could easily happen as her house is made of sticks and the roof is made of thatch (straw). 

DD-0028 - Gezworke
Gezworke and her girls are safe and sound but have lost everything but the clothes on their backs.  We want to help her rebuild her shelter, provide beds and bedding, cooking pots, clothes & shoes. 

Click here if you would like to help meet Gezworke’s immediate needs…
Rent for a year is $300.
Rebuilding a house is ~$1000.
Cooking pots and washing pans are $50.
Three beds and bedding cost $450.
Food supplies for a month are $50.
New clothes (including school uniforms) and shoes cost $200.
It will take between $1050 and $1750 to get this little family back on their feet.

Please consider becoming a part of this vital support team!   Will you let us know you’re on board by sending us an email with the following info?

  • Your first and last name
  • The method you’ll use to receive alerts:
    * Twitter
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    * Email (include the email address you’ll use)
    * Text (include your cell #)
Send us an email telling us you want to join the ER Team!

We are so encouraged to know you stand ready to help!!