by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
written Jan 19, 2015

Under our license of Mana Gammachuu in Ethiopia we have established orphan care for abandoned or special needs babies and a kindergarten for 60 students in a predominately M*sl*m area where Adoption Ministry 1:27 supports 50 vulnerable families. Today I had fun with the kindergarten children and then got my “baby fix” at the orphanage where I had time to sit on the floor with the cutie-pies and play with them.
Mana Gammachuu Kindergarten

There are two classes of kindergartens… one for the very youngest and one for the older children.  Another class of 20 children will be added next month. Usually kindergartens in Ethiopia have 50 children in one class, so our relatively small classes with 20 each is quite a treat!

This is the first time for any of the children to attend school, and I was impressed that for only having instruction for three months they had learned the alphabet and could write most of their letters.

For English, they were learning the body parts and a child would take turns leading the class in their sing-song recitation of all the parts of the body.

A mission team from Lake City Church in Tacoma will be at the school next week, putting a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside of the school. One lady is coming prepared to paint murals on the walls of the classrooms… that surely will brighten up the rooms! But what will really excite the students is some playground equipment that will be delivered soon.
Mana Gammachuu Orphanage

Who can resist a baby? I certainly cannot, and found myself once again thoroughly enamored with sturdy little ones toddling around so inquisitive about everything. There are four babies around six months old whose fat little cheeks, arms and legs are a testament to the good nutrition they receive, and their bright eyes and ready smiles a result of the loving attention from their nanny-mommies. They were all in various stages of learning to crawl and I was fascinated watching them trying to coordinate arms and legs to get the forward motion they wanted.

Permanent homes are our aim for all seven babies. Four of them will be adopted by Christian Ethiopian couples within the next couple of months, and we will continue to raise awareness in the church community through adoption seminars and find forever families for all of them.