by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
January 19, 2015

Joy recently had the great privilege of hearing some of the many families in Shashemene who are sponsored through Adoption Ministry 1:27 express gratitude to their sponsors
While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, the gathering was like a large family. People were greeting each other with a kiss and quietly visiting, arms linked together many times. Even the young children were saying hello to each other in the customary Ethiopian way and were animated with beautiful smiles but were not rowdy or impatient. During the time of eating and drinking, the children, every one of them, took what was offered and contentedly sat by their mothers and enjoyed the time. I saw a couple of little ones wrap up their chunk of bread in a cloth and save it for later, but none of them refused the offering or left any of the food behind.
The people who stood to give their thanks did so spontaneously and with humility and grave dignity. I am certain that I cannot completely appreciate the difference between days of no food and full cupboards because I have never been without, but these dear people have known what a lifestyle of hunger feels like. They so badly want me and those that support them to know that they don’t take food for granted and are extremely grateful for it. I left envying the overall serenity and contentment of the families we have the privilege to know in Shashemene.

“First, thanks to God and may God bless you. In my former time, I didn’t even look human. Now, my daughter and I have changed so much! I cannot express how thankful I am for our progress.”


“Please give all my blessings to my sponsor. I am standing here today because of their support. Without it, I know I would be dead.”


She was very teary expressing herself. “ I am thankful so much to God for the support. We are now removed from poverty. May God bless your home with blessings like mine.”


“First, I thank God. He is the one who brought you to me. Now I have food, clothes for my children and ourselves. We are very happy! I like the worker visiting our home and seeing what we need and doing his best to provide for us. God bless you!”


“Before I got this support I had many starving days. But now I eat and it is because of AM 1:27 that I survived. There is no shortage in my home now. I ask God to bless my supporters and this organization. I ask they be given many blessings.”

“I thank God for this opportunity to appreciate and thank my supporters and what God provided for us through you. I could never have imagined such a blessing as I have got! Being poor my whole life, I never got to eat injera made with teff, but since you have helped me, I can have good injera and my home is full of blessings. Thank you very, very much and may God bless you!”


”I am so happy because now I can send my children to school and we have plenty to eat.”



“I give thanks to God, even with children and grandchildren to care for.  Formerly we did not have enough food. But now we have food and even school and always enough oil! May God bless you with a long life.”


I am a very sick woman and previously I was starving. I am still sick, but now I am getting food and all I need. May God bless you and may He provide everything for you.”

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