Parenting Kiddos Who Sabotage Big Days
“This is the worst day OF MY LIFE!!” (We hear this regularly on Big Days.) She will end up crying in her bedroom, devolving into shame: “I am the worst girl! I am on the naughty list! I ruined Christmas! I’m giving all my presents away!” I feel so frustrated that I sometimes snap, making it all worse. Ultimately, I dread Big Days altogether and while she is thinking she is the worst kid (bless her), I am thinking I am definitely the worst mom.

Yearly Grieving Struggles
Holidays and birthdays can be a difficult time for many foster and adoptive families, as it may mean grieving for some children… memories are sometimes the only thing they have left of birth family.

Why Christmas Stinks Sometimes
Try as I might to “practice what I preach,” I admit that my default reaction in situations like this is to “lay down the law.” But something told me that there was much, much more going on than simply bad behavior.

Creating A Hopeful Christmas for Your Adopted Child
Imagine being a new visitor to a new home and being thrust into the thick of celebration their way. No one was really asking you what you wanted or cared about; however, they were expecting you to “get with it” and be happy about what was going on.

Celebrating Christmas with Newly Adopted Children
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