Most of us cannot imagine having to decide between our marriage or following Christ but ‘K’ had to do just that.  She chose new life in Jesus.  Not only did that decision mean the loss of her husband and her oldest daughter, but now her life is in danger because she renounced her former religion.  This is a very grim reality for many new believers in Ethiopia and many other parts of the world. 

K is illiterate and has no means of supporting herself or her two little ones.  Without family to help her, she is in a very precarious position.  This is where the Ethiopian church has stepped in and where Adoption Ministry 1:27 can help this new Christ-follower!  We’re seeking a sponsor to ‘adopt’ K and her children for $50 per month, which will give her regular meals, clothing and bedding so that she can become stabilized and work toward a self-sustaining future. 

Perhaps you or someone you know will adopt K and be an integral part of giving her hope and a future!  Please visit our website here for an easy way to sponsor K or another family in need.  Our hope is that K will be adopted immediately.

‘K’ was adopted today – Praise God!  There are many like her who are a desperate condition… please visit our AM 1:27 ‘Adopt A Family’ page to help one of these families!