An Adoption Ministry 1:27 Success Story
Mestawit is a beautiful young woman living in a ghetto section of Ethiopia where the crippled, the lepers, the outcasts live. She did not choose to live there, but her husband died about the time their daughter was born leaving her a square of land with a dilapidated house on it and nothing else.
For seven years Mestawit struggled to make ends meet, but she could never, ever get ahead no matter how hard she worked washing clothes or cleaning houses.
Then Mestawit was “adopted” by Jeremiah and Kortny and there was suddenly light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Jeremiah and Kortny had the opportunity to visit Mestawit and were appalled when they saw the condition of her house that was barely standing. They decided then and there to raise financing to have it torn down and rebuilt (about $600).


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Mestawit used the money wisely and finished a nice house for her and her daughter and also built three rooms on the backside of the property to rent out. Now she is a proud landlady and can handily provide for the needs of her family without external support.

Jeremiah and Kortney could not be prouder of their friend’s success and have since “adopted” another family in Ethiopia to help.
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Mestawit is now happily reaching out to other single moms in her community providing them with encouragement.

Would you help a woman like Mestawit start her own small business and become self-sustaining?  You can donate a small business start via our Adoption Ministry 1:27 website here.