If your heart pulses for the orphan, use orphansunday.org on November 2, 2014 to spread the vision in your church.  Orphan Sunday is an amazing opportunity to celebrate God’s heart for adoption, foster care and global orphan care! 

An easy way to celebrate Orphan Sunday is by using “The Orphan’s Table.”  Churches and families can order at no cost except shipping. It includes a simple packaged meal typically served to orphans worldwide, along with a discussion and prayer guide.

Throughout history, Christians at their best have been known as a people who take special care of the fatherless.  It’s thrilling to see believers re-earning that reputation, from adoption and foster care to global initiatives.  Any church or family can be a part of this growing movement on Orphan Sunday-November 2, 2014.  Learn more at orphansunday.org.