by Joy Casey

Several businesswomen in Puyallup, Washington donated $700 to be awarded to a single mother in Ethiopia to start her own business.

Meet Leyla. Despite her hard circumstances, her beautiful smile is captivating. Four years ago, Leyla, raised a M*sl*m, put her faith in Jesus Christ. Because of this decision, her husband left her and their two little girls, placing the sole burden of providing for them squarely on Leyla’s shoulders.

Ekram is 8-years-old and Hanan is 4 ½.  Currently, Leyla is washing clothes for people earning very little money and two-thirds of it goes to rent their meager room. A loan will set Leyla up in a business selling vegetables such as onions, potatoes, peppers and carrots along with sundry fruits. Over the past year Leyla has saved $15 to put toward a business start.

Can you imagine her astonished joy when she finds out she will be the recipient of a loan for an amount she could never dream of getting? She has taken the required business training given by YWAM and our business manager thinks she is an excellent candidate to run a successful business.

Congratulations, Leyla! Thank you, Puyallup businesswomen!