by Joy Casey

0824 runforchrist-26
The golf ball drop was fun to watch! 70 golf balls were purchased, each having a number. The drone carrying the golf balls rose high above the football field where a flag was positioned. The drone lowed a little hovering over the flag and the cargo bay opened and balls rained from the sky!
And the prize is … A business start for a single mother in Ethiopia given in the name of Shannon Scacciotti whose ball landed closest to the flag!! Enough money was raised through the golf balls to finance a business for Etabez.
Etabez Sira (Sira means “work”) was abandoned by her husband while she was pregnant with her daughter, Hana, who is now five-years-old. In order to earn money, Etabez works in the pity trade – buying goods in large quantities and then selling them piecemeal. The margin of profit is very small and she works long days to earn $20 – $22 a month. She and Hana live in a small rented room in a congested, very poor area for $17.34 a month. Etabez has been helped monthly by her Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsor which ensures they have enough to eat, but paying rent and sending Hana to kindergarten stretches Etabez to the limit.
Our business manager assesses Etabez to be a hard worker and with high potential to be successful in the marketplace if she has more inventory to sell and can set up a regular, legal shop. Because of the golf ball drop, Etabez will receive a loan to launch her business!
Thank you, Shannon, and all the others who bought golf balls for giving Etabez a chance of a lifetime!