By Joy Casey, Director
Adoption Ministry

This is an updated re-post, originally written in July 2010

I raise my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121: 1-2

People in Ethiopia wryly chuckle and say, “Everyone here has a story.” It’s true! I have listened to peers tell of torture and loss during the communist rule (1974 – 1987). I have listened to children orphaned by AIDS who lived in trees to escape hyenas. I have listened to beautiful young women relate the awfulness of street life and the abuses that occur. I have heard starving babies whimper. I have looked into the depths of a child’s eyes who has no parents, very little to eat and absolutely no hope. How does the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth, help those suffering profound loss? He does it one person at a time through acts of kindness from people like you and me.

Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Two months ago, my only son died. He was 27-years-old and died of complications post-surgery. His life was sometimes hard, yet he was usually an optimistic and happy soul and I loved him. The days since Micah has been gone have mostly been a blur to me, but the pictures that time and again come into clear focus are the big and tiny things done and the words expressed by people God has put in my path. Never underestimate the power of a kind act or word! God takes the small and big actions and infuses those who mourn with His comfort. I have experienced His comfort, peace and grace firsthand via the many who reached out to me.

Who has God put in front of you to minister to? Is it your elderly grandmother or another family member? Is it a particularly difficult child? A sick person? Someone who is depressed? I have a hunch that most of you reading this blog have had your hearts broken for hurting and neglected children. Might you be the one who will bring God’s all encompassing love to a small child by a simple kind act?

Whatever you do to the least of these, you do for Me. Matthew 25:4

When my son died, those who were in a position to help, did. Others sent beautiful cards penned with heartfelt sympathy. All efforts ministered peace to my soul and each action, big or small, was used to bring a measure of healing.

Just like the people who helped me and my family, you and I together can drastically impact the lives of others who are suffering by giving of ourselves in small or big ways. Every one of us has the capacity to give, either of our time or our resources, be they modest or abundant. Consider these acts of kindness:

Meet needs via our gift catalog (Gift Catalog)

Give a back-to-school package so a child can attend school (Back-to-school Package)

Go on a YWAM missions trip to Ethiopia (Missions Outreach)

Join a 5K run this month to support our ministry to domestic birthmothers (

Become a prayer partner for our ministry (

Adopt a desperately poor family so they can stay together (Adoption Ministry 1:27)

Give seed money to start one woman in a small business (Business Starts)

Involve your church in outreach to a community in Ethiopia (The Radical Church)

For more information on ways to can impact lives in Ethiopia, call 253-722-6780 or email us at