We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…

kids are amazing!

And we know it’s because their parents are doing an outstanding job instilling a worldview that puts Christ first, promotes others over self and includes giving as a lifestyle

We told you about a girl who made and sold stick dolls to raise money for formula in our orphanage.  An Awana group saved their extra cash so they could provide a house for a family who didn’t have adequate shelter.  Another boy raised money for a house by selling homemade jewelry and writing and performing plays. 

This month we’d like to tell you about a handsome young man we know who set out on his own fundraising scheme. 

photo 4
Six year old Andy wanted to do something to help people in Ethiopia who don’t have all the food and toys that he does.  After donating the contents of his piggy bank, he set up a spot in his yard with a bag and a clever sign.  When that wasn’t bringing in what he thought it should, he found a couple of his knives to donate to the cause and labeled them with $6.99 price tags. 

All together he raised $23.53…

photo 2
which he gave to his very proud Grammy to send to Ethiopia!

photo 1
Thank you Andy!!

Large or small, these gifts of love given with unselfish excitement and joy are very pleasing to God’s heart.