Our friends at Both Ends Burning have asked for our help in passing the Children In Families First Act (CHIFF) through a special push this week on social media.  Right now, this bill is sitting in the Foreign Relations Committee and needs to move on by August. 

This bill would establish an office in the State Department to implement effective child welfare systems – getting children into safe, permanent and loving families.  It is not a request for more money.  It’s not solely about international adoption.  It isn’t telling countries how to care for vulnerable children.  The goal is to utilize funds to support and partner with governments to place children into families.

Because every child deserves a family


Sign the Petition
Enter your name, email and zip code here and submit to sign.  How easy is that??!

Call Your Members of Congress
Tell the staff member that you want your Congress person to support CHIFF, and be sure to leave your name and address.  Click here for help with what to say and who to call.

Like CHIFF on Facebook
Go to https://www.facebook.com/childreninfamiliesfirst.

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Click on the CHIFF icon to access a file to save and use as your profile picture for Facebook and other media sites.

Tweet #SupportCHIFF
See the CHIFF social media examples page for sample tweets.

Share about CHIFF on your blog
Use ideas from the CHIFF website and Facebook page to get started!

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I know you agree that the safest and best place for a child is in the loving arms of a parent.  You can help make that happen!