Sometimes when Joy is in Ethiopia, she is able to get a wireless internet connection at a hotel or restaurant but as is often the case, this month the connections have been very sketchy and communication has been tough.  While I wait for Jeff to send me a blog post and photos, I’ll give you a quick summary of what’s been happening…

After several days spent in Adama visiting the orphanages and meeting with several birthmothers, they spent a day in Addis getting a few updates on Adoption Ministry 1:27 families in Korah.  Saturday they traveled to Shashemene.  It’s been raining in torrents off and on, which turns many of the roads and walkways to rivers of mud.  This is typical during the rainy season but that hasn’t officially begun yet!

Joy did ‘intake’ on 40 children for a new school in a village where outreach is bearing much fruit.  These children will begin school for the first time in the fall.  Joy also met with each of the evangelists who are sponsored by many of you and got updates on their ministry and families. 

Today was a visit to our Mana Gammachuu orphanage and we have truly exciting news to share… tomorrow adoptions will be finalized for three Ethiopian families bringing three abandoned babies into a forever family!  I can’t wait to be able to share photos with you!  We are rejoicing as we see God begin to bring His plan of adoption into the hearts of His church in Ethiopia.

A few emails are starting to show up in my inbox so I look forward to sharing their photos and stories with you soon!