by Joy Casey

I am in a bit of a pickle. I work in the midst of appalling situations in Ethiopia and hear stories and see situations that are beyond comprehension… except that I do see them with my very own eyes. And there are times, like today, when I sit in front of my computer screen wondering how I can convey the circumstances of a family in Ethiopia adequately. I have the burden of being that family’s advocate, and without intervention… well, I don’t know how there can be a happy ending.

Hulagershe and Andarge are a married couple with a 14-year-old boy named Ephriam and a 7-year-old girl named Bethlehem. Hulagershe is very ill with uterine cancer and Andarge’s health is precarious because he is HIV+ and does not have good or consistent nutrition… which means his medication does not work well. When he is able, he begs, but there is not enough money for Hulagershe to receive the medical treatment he needs. The family lives with other families in extremely poor government housing where the sanitation is deplorable and there are no amenities. I am not talking about satellite reception or mosquito netting, I am referring to no toilets, no running water, and not enough beds.

Might you be feeling a tap on the shoulder to help? The urgent need is for food, then medical help, then better living conditions for this family of four. For $40.00 a month, you can adopt this family and stabilize their lives.

Please visit our website AdoptionMinistry127 to read more about our program to preserve families and prevent orphans.  You can find this family’s profile on the Adopt A Family page here.  Thank you!