Adoption Ministry of YWAM has a three-part ministry philosophy when it comes to the adoptive families we have worked with – both domestic and Ethiopian adoptions.  We partner with families who share these beliefs:

  • Adoption is a calling from God and a commitment to a life-long healing process
  • Adoption is about giving a family to a child not about getting a child for your family
  • Adoption includes understanding and appreciating the circumstances and sacrifice a birthparent has made (whether relinquished or abandoned) and being willing to provide post-adoption pictures and updates to be shared with the birthparent or the orphanage

Joy always does her best to meet with birth family members when she goes to Ethiopia and it’s our desire to provide them with photos and updates at least once a year.  When she goes to Ethiopia in May, Joy will be traveling to the towns in the Western areas where many of our children are from, thanks to a generous adoptive family who are paying for her travel expenses. 

She will try to find and meet with as many of our birth parents as possible and deliver photos and a little update from each adoptive family.  We so appreciate the effort our families make to provide these appreciative birth families with a happy report about the children they have relinquished.

We have several links to share today that reflect our commitment to honoring birth families.  The first two are written by YWAM adoptive moms and the last is one Joy wrote in May of 2012. 

May We Never Forget
by Kate Hannula
To Ethiopia With Love
by Haley Ballast
Desperate Mothers
by Joy Casey