Remember the dreams and hopes you had in your youth? You had hopes of what your life would be, what you would become.  You were full of life and full of plans. You were excited about landing your first job that would bring you one step closer to your dreams!

But what if something happens that changes everything.  The person who gave you your first job takes something from you that was not his to take.  He takes your innocence.  He shatters your self-worth.  He rapes you.   You experience pain and shame you never knew before.  Soon you learn you are pregnant.  Now, all your hopes and dreams for a bright future have turned to dust and you feel everything has been taken away from you.   What are you going to do now?

Meseret (BB-0036)

Hopefully this isn’t your story.  But it is the story of a young woman named Meseret.  This beautiful woman still in her youth with her little boy, Abraham, clinging to her side lives among Ethiopia’s poorest in a village called Bole Bulbula.   She struggles daily to feed herself and her son.

Who will God use to stir new hopes and dreams for a brighter future?  Who will tell her that dreams can come true again?

Embrace, Equip, Empower

When a family from the U.S. steps forward and “adopts” Meseret and Abraham, Adoption Ministry’s case worker, along with the pastor from our partner church, will have opportunity to speak into her life.  Through practical ministry they will demonstrate Christ’s love, and once again Meseret will dream of a future filled with hope.  

** Meseret has been adopted – we are praising God!!
There are so many more just like her…

If you would like to ‘adopt’ Meseret and Abraham for $40 per month, we will send you a prayer card and updates as we get them.  Your gift to her will provide food and shelter, as well as hope for a future where she can provide for herself.  Please visit our website to see bios of Meseret and others like her who are ready to be embraced, equipped and empowered.