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The ability to see, think, and feel things from another’s perspective – to empathize – can be difficult for anyone, especially parents. I often find myself more focused on what my kids should be doing rather than considering why they’re doing what they’re doing.

It is from a broken place that children and adults who were adopted come from, and we have many issues, some of which will never go away despite how wonderful our family is. We all have stories and have gone through a lot; and we all process our adoption experiences differently.

I decided to let it go. To open my hands and let loose my ideas about what love should look like on any given day. I decided to keep on loving him well, freely, even when he’s difficult or sad.  (He’s done the same for me a hundred times, and he hasn’t even known me that long.)

What you feel is what so many others felt at one time in their lives. When you’re adopted, you’re going to have questions. It’s as normal as breathing.

Laying Down Your Isaac
The father asked us if we’d take the baby away, if we’d take his son, his only son, to the orphanage. It’s not that he didn’t want the boy. He only wanted to make sure that his son might live.

And just for fun…