Last October we posted about an easy way for you to make an impact in international adoption reform… and we asked if you would take just a few minutes to get involved.

Kelly Ensslin has written an excellent article describing a case that could happen in many countries – please be sure to read it:  Department of State Plays Games and More Kids Lose 

Here is an opportunity to really DO something about reforming the international adoption process.  And it’s EASY!

The ‘Children In Families First Act of 2013’ is a bill recently introduced to the legislature.  From the CHIFF website:

Children without parents are the most vulnerable children in the world. They are alone, they are often out of sight, and they are voiceless. They cannot fight for themselves; they need YOU to be their voice. CHIFF Children in Families First calls for the redirection of a modest portion of the $2 billion the United States currently spends on children living abroad toward ensuring that all children grow up in a family. What’s more, it calls for programs funded with US tax dollars to focus on reducing the number of children living without families and increasing the capacity of other governments to better protect their own children. The best protection for a child is a family. We protect children by preserving families, reunifying families or creating families through adoption.

You can read more specifics about the bill on the CHIFF website.  Here is what YOU can DO:

1. Call Your Members of Congress

callIf constituents let their elected officials know how they feel, this bill will get their attention.  Calling is one of the most important things you can do! 

2. Email your congress person

emailTell them you’d like them to support the Children in Families First Act of 2013.  Their email address should be available at the links above.  You can use the same information found in the telephone sample script to create your email.

3. Connect with CHIFF

Spreading the word through social media is easy! 

“Like” CHIFF on Facebook

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Thanks for joining the effort on behalf of children without families and for making your voice heard!!