**Thanks to a generous donor, this woman and her children have been adopted!!

All of the families in Ethiopia who are in our Adoption Ministry 1:27 program are in deep poverty and at risk of collapse without the intervention of a sponsor.  But some are in very dire circumstances and today I want to share one woman’s story…

Tarfatu is a 35 year old single mother of six children, ages 3-15, and she is HIV+. She is taking antiretroviral drugs provided by the government but she is very sick.  She rents a two room house for about $2.50 a month. Her first husband died and her second divorced her. Without a husband’s income and with her very precarious health, she is unable to work and simply cannot feed her children. She is destitute. 
For just $40 per month, you can provide food, rent, help with school fees and medical care for Tarfatu and her children.  Your help will be giving LIFE to this mother who worries about what will happen to her children if she is not there to care for them.  I cannot even imagine what that must feel like – the likelihood of it.

Please visit our website here and click on the yellow ‘I Want To Adopt A Family’ button.  There you can find Tarfatu’s bio as well as several other families who need to be adopted.  Thank you for your part in keeping six children from becoming orphans.