Every adoptive parent is likely to have a friend who has also adopted or a book like ‘The Connected Child’ that they often refer to when confronting behaviors or reactions in their adopted children… a sort of toolbox of resources.  These resources are critical in the first year you’re home with your child but they’ll also be an on-going necessity in the years to come! 

If you haven’t inventoried your toolbox in a while, we’d like to help you be sure your box is full, your tools are sharp and that you have an easily accessible set of helps when you need it most. 

We have a list of good books we recommend on our website Resources page.

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Today, we’d like to share links that address a whole bunch of different topics relating to adoption… The first three are from a blog titled ‘Death By Great Wall’  – be sure to click around on Dana’s blog to read all kinds of great posts on older child adoption (but that often apply to any adoption).

Waiting is hard.  But there is a lot to do while you wait!
How do things look after coming home.
All about strategies for discipline
A mom and her daughter share lessons learned about older child adoption
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A challenge for us to “Go and be LOVE”