Creating A Hopeful Christmas for Your Adopted Child
These seven points can help us get through a holiday fraught with emotion, keep our important family traditions, blend in our new children, and head off most major blow-outs.
Why Christmas Stinks Sometimes
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It instantly occurred to me that somehow I managed to have the only elementary school-aged child in all of America who actually hates Christmas. But I quickly asked the obvious question, “Why?”
Together on the Ledge
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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and has always been a treasured day for our family.  We love a Christmas tree with sparkling lights, stockings stuffed to their brims, meaningful gifts, and lots of special food. But with the addition of our children from “hard places” we have found it necessary to learn new strategies to successfully celebrate holidays together as a family.
Celebrating Christmas With Newly Adopted Children
Lots of adoptive moms weigh in with their own experience-based suggestions!
An Older Child’s First Christmas Home
This holiday is going to be different.  It doesn’t matter if you are the Parent of the Year with your birth-children, and you think you have got it all figured out. I’m begging you….get ready.
Healing the Wounds of Relational Trauma
This article doesn’t specifically address Christmas but it’s such an important thing to remember, especially in this busy season.  It’s all about ‘the healing power of relationships’ – which is at the heart of Christmas.