Kids are really amazing, aren’t they?  We hear often from families who are doing a wonderful job of teaching and modeling to their children the blessing of giving. 

Recently, we received the following letter from a 12 year old boy who signed it “Moneymakers for Christ” – don’t you love it?


This young man took it upon himself to raise $600 so that a family in Ethiopia would have a safe place to sleep and live.  Kyle says “After two long years of saving…” he and his ace team (pictured below) were able to raise the money via selling homemade jewelry and crafts, and by writing and performing plays.  Talk about creativity and perseverance!  His wonderful church family matched the funds he raised so that TWO families will receive new homes. 

Just look at that team of incredible kids!

Thank you, Kyle, for your BIG heart, your hard work and your determination over a long period of time to change the lives of the very poor in Ethiopia.  You look so much like Jesus and I know how happy you and your friends have made Him!! (And GOOD JOB Mom and Dad!)

Kyle is one of a whole host of children who send in their hard-earned gifts through our YWAM Gift Catalog. Be sure to check out all there is to donate – from a pair of shoes to a pair of oxen!