by Joy Casey

As a whole, Americans are favorable toward adoption. Our experience shows that there is high enthusiasm for adoption, both domestically and internationally. In fact, there are many more Americans wanting to adopt than there are children available.

Most of us in Adoptionland agree that there is a hierarchy of best practices when it comes to international adoption. When at all possible, every effort should be made to keep children with their biological family. We all know that this is not always possible or in the best interests of the child. Many times biological family is unknown (in the case of abandonment). In such circumstances, the next best option for the child is to find a strong and stable family within the child’s country of origin. When those two options have been ruled out, then a family should be found in another country. All children need their very own mommy and daddy.

Hailu & Dureti-1  Hailu family-2

Ethiopians are just beginning to catch the vision of adoption outside of family members. We are in the early stages of “Passing the Torch” of adoption to our Ethiopian brothers and sisters. Many organizations, including Adoption Ministry, are promoting local adoption and we are seeing progress!

If you have been an advocate for Ethiopians adopting Ethiopian children, would you join our campaign to raise the necessary funds to give adoption training to couples and government groups?  Adoption training is required by the government and is also necessary to approve the homestudy.  At times it is necessary to supplement the cost of a homestudy for a family. Let’s Pass the Torch! and see more and more children legally adopted into stable Ethiopian families!

100% of your gift in any amount will be used to provide this necessary training and to help Ethiopian families who aren’t able to pay the complete homestudy fee.  You can make a donation on our website here – under ‘Gift Designation’ please select ‘Other’ then type in “Passing the Torch” in the box where you can specify where you’d like your donation to be used.  THANK YOU for helping us in

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