by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
written on Oct 27th, 2013

Songs of praise resonated throughout the newly constructed church in a village called Gutumuma. The joyful choir praised the Lord with abandon with only a drum accompaniment. Today was the dedication of this church building that rose from the dust thanks to many ministry partners.
Mike and Dinah Monahan, Wick Nease from Streams of Mercy, Pastor Bob Swank from Life Church in Kansas City, and Jason Shadrick from Anthem Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho all helped to make this day possible and were on hand to praise God with the exuberant people of Gutumuma.
In 2010, 93 Gutumuma families came to know Jesus Christ, all of them formerly of another religion. Today, there are 256 families serving the Risen Savior! Fourteen evangelists – all who are sponsored by generous donors here in the U.S. – are sent out from Gutumuma to neighboring villages to share the gospel, and just within the past two months 53 people have received Christ and are being discipled!
The substantial worship center in Gutumuma is a hub for Christian teaching, offering an anchor for the converted believers to resist significant pressure from their families and neighbors. The dedication of this worship center is a celebration of God’s work to draw men to the Truth and represents the work of the evangelists who have sacrificed much to spread the Gospel, as well as many here in the United States who have supported this work financially and in prayer.  Praise the Lord!