by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
written on Oct 25th

I have had a wonderful time today with the two groups of people I’m with here in Ethiopia… a group of 3 men and 2 women from Anthem Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Wick Nease with Streams of Mercy brought two brothers from Life Church in Kansas.  They accompanied Jeff and I to visit an orphanage and a maternity home.
We spent a very fun and satisfying afternoon at the Orphans and Widows Home in Adama, Ethiopia. The babies and toddlers, of course, drew us like bees to honey and we kissed soft little cheeks and held the little ones. It took awhile for the four toddler boys to warm up to strangers, but they eventually would play ball and interact as long as nobody tried to pick them up.  Jeff and I will be returning here later this coming week to get photos and updates on the children who are being adopted.

The widows were just as precious, their weathered faces showing the years of life, and it was just as sweet kissing their soft cheeks, holding their hands, and giving them attention and love.

They were dressed in their coffee dresses and enjoyed the fellowship of one another as well as their visitors from America.
Prior to sharing lunch together, Pastor Bob from Life Church had the honor of cutting the large round loaf of bread that is the center of any Ethiopian celebration. Piles of injera were produced and delicious shiro wat was spooned onto the injera. YUM! And in true Ethiopian style, delicious coffee was served at the conclusion of the meal. It was a lovely afternoon.

The next stop was at Living Hope Maternity Home. The work in pioneering the Life message in Ethiopia is close to my heart and I always love going and seeing my good friend Meseret. Nine women live at the home … five have delivered and four are in various stages of pregnancy. Almost all of these women were abortion-minded when they learned about the alternative of Living Hope. The young women learn life skills (cooking, cleaning, money management, parenting), learn to make paper bead jewelry from which they earn money, and learn about the saving grace and freedom from a relationship with Jesus Christ. The beautiful home is a refuge of peace and encouragement and we all felt the genuine love of the staff for the women and their babies. On November 1st and 2nd the first-ever pro-life conference is being hosted by Living Hope in Adama, and I am excited to participate and encourage!