In April of this year, a woman walking beside a river in Shashemene, Ethiopia was shocked to see a tiny baby girl lying abandoned on the riverbank.  She appeared to be only about one month old.  Wrapped in a cloth with a bottle beside her, it was clear she wasn’t malnourished so someone must have cared for her in her first days but no one knew who had left her there.  A search was conducted but when no one was found who knew anything about her, the baby was placed in the Mana Gammachuu orphanage by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Dureti (1)

At the orphanage, little Miss Dureti received lots of good formula and the loving care of her wonderful nannies. 

Dureti (6)

Dureti (11)
But even good care by dedicated staff cannot replace what Dureti needs most…   a family.

Hailu and Semegn are a Christian couple who made the decision – a rather uncommon one in Ethiopia – to adopt a child into their family.  They first met their baby in June and have worked hard to complete all of the necessary paperwork, adoption training and legal steps in order to adopt. 

At court

at orphanage

On Tuesday, October 1st at 9:00 am, this baby girl once labeled ‘abandoned’ legally became the daughter of Hailu and Semegn!  They are thrilled that she will now be a part of their family.

Goodbye ceremony

A good-bye party was put on by the orphanage staff who were sad to see this little princess leave.  The nurse and the nannies grow very attached to the children in their care.  But knowing her future is now bright gives them great peace and is an answer to their prayers. 

Little Dureti is now named Rediet (there was already a Dureti in this family!) and will be assured of loving parents, food to eat, school one day and a good home where Christ is honored as Lord.

Rediet (Dureti)1

God provides homes for those
who are deserted.
Psalm 68:6 HCSB


Dureti’s story is one of hope!  We pray that many more children who are found abandoned will be placed in Ethiopian families through our Mana Gammachuu orphanage.  Please join us in thanking God for His goodness and in praying for strong Christian families in Ethiopia who will step forward to adopt.