by Michelle Gallegos

My daughter, Rachel, has a heart for the people of Ethiopia.  She takes advantage of any chance she gets to raise awareness and funds – and her latest fundraising took place at Vacation Bible School this summer.  
She and a friend performed a skit each day to show the kids what drinking dirty water can do to you and asked them to bring in money so they could purchase a water filter through the gift catalog.  It was a small VBS and her goal was to buy one water filter.  She was thrilled when on the last day they had enough funds to purchase 10 water filters and also some items for the YWAM orphanage.  
Our family was getting ready to travel to Ethiopia for the adoption of our beautiful daughter.  We asked Joy if it was possible while we were there to see one of the water filters that was being used and also to visit one of our Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsored families.
Ethiopia August 2013 185
Rachel was so excited the day we all piled in the van to meet up with YWAM staff and see the water filter.  When we arrived, our sponsored family was standing out front waiting to meet us.  It was such a joy to see face to face this woman and her child who we have prayed for and supported over the last year.  We exchanged hugs and then went inside a small room.  
Ethiopia August 2013 104
Rachel was actually able to make a water filter and then we were told we were going to deliver it – to our sponsored family!!  We all piled again in the van, along with our sponsored family and a few others, and headed to their home.  
Ethiopia August 2013 125
When we arrived in front of a small shack, an approximately 8’ x 8’ area, we were told this is where she lived and that it was also her shop.  When we began sponsoring her, she was able to start a small business selling injera with the money she received.  It was a blessing to hear that this woman is on her way to being able to sustain herself, which has always been our hope of sponsorship.  She couldn’t wait to show us her business and then ran off to fill a yellow jug with water.
She had a huge smile as she poured the water into the water filter and watched as out of it came clean, safe water.  My daughter had a huge smile on her face too, knowing that this family would not get sick from the the water they drank and that through our sponsorship their lives were forever being changed.  

If you would like more information on ‘adopting’ an at-risk family in Ethiopia, please visit our Adoption Ministry 1:27 webpage where you can read about how a monthly gift changes the future for a woman and her children.

Thanks so much to Rachel and to the Gallegos family for their sponsorships, their giving hearts and for sharing their story!