We have been championing children in difficult circumstances for many years, and the goal at our newest orphanage in Ethiopia – Mana Gammachuu – is to find Christian Ethiopian families to give them permanent homes.  Several months ago, the first family interested in adopting came to the orphanage and lovingly met the baby girl they wanted to adopt.


They have been busy getting a homestudy, criminal background checks, medical examinations and taking training, but it quickly became evident that the government offices in Shashemene did not have a clue how to process a domestic adoption and until training could be provided, adoptions would be at a standstill.


As a result of the generosity of one family in the United States who gave $1500 and another who gave $100, we had the funds necessary to conduct a workshop on September 7th and 8th for 38 people. These guests were from the Shashemene Ministry of Women’s Affairs, the city offices of finance and economic development, the Shashemene Woreda police station and attorney offices, as well as several representatives of local NGO’s.  The lead trainer was a judge from Addis Ababa.

Adopting children outside of family members is culturally rare in Ethiopia.  In conducting this training, we are encouraged that so many were interested in learning about domestic adoptions.  The questions were good, the presentation was informative and engaging, and we are optimistic that the government will now be an advocate for permanency for the children in Mana Gammachuu.

The other part of the training that is needed is to educate potential adoptive couples, much as we do here in the U.S..  The training will lay out the biblical philosophy of adoption and God’s heart for the orphan.  Practical help and resources will be given as well as a challenge to pick up the torch and give the orphans in their country a loving home.

Many of you join a growing concern for promoting in-country domestic adoptions as one way to address the huge orphan crisis in Ethiopia.  We are seeking those who want a way to support that effort.  Join us in providing adoption training for prospective adoptive parents in Ethiopia as one very tangible way to DO SOMETHING!  We’re calling this effort “Passing the Torch” and we’d love to hear from you so we can make this training happen.  Contact us at: