Ordinary People
How is it that he allows huge numbers of people to be born into poverty and to be bound to lesser positions in life by their modest heritage, intellect, beauty, skills, and training?  And why is it that so few are graced with sparkling intelligence, impeccable social instincts, striking appearance, top physical skills, gifts of leadership, and the like?  If God created all of us, isn’t he finally responsible for our low estate?  And, presuming he is, does he even care?

Is the Left Launching an Attack on Evangelical Adoption?
To some, conservative Christians are incentivizing child-trafficking, engaging in a form of cultural imperialism by yanking children from their native cultures and evangelizing them into Christianity, soothing pro-life consciences wounded by lack of concern for babies after they’re born, and trying to engage in charity without adjusting underlying world views about social justice and the need for systemic change.

It Is Not Enough
It’s not enough that my soon-to-be daughter believes that a woman who is paid to care for her and a several other babies is mommy. It’s not enough that inch-deep love is all she has ever known. She deserves more.
All children deserve more.  But convincing her of this will not be easy.

A great idea for creating ‘facecards’ with your children that express
all kinds of feelings, used to open up conversations about feelings and talking about their stories.