Have you ever met a real, live evangelist?  We’d like to introduce you to Kedir. 

Kedir Bute
This young man was converted to Christianity in 2004 after being raised in the M*sl*m faith.  God radically transformed his life and ever since he has been serving as a missionary to the M*sl*m people in the outlying areas of south/central Ethiopia.  He rides a bike over rough ‘roads’ to share the message of truth with people living all over the countryside.  God is doing an amazing work in this region and many are being born again into new freedom in Jesus Christ. 

Kedir and his fellow evangelists, discipled and led by Pastor Zerihun, risk their lives in this work of spreading the Gospel.  YWAM has found sponsors for twelve of these young men so that they can continue to do ‘the work of the ministry’ but Kedir is in need of a supporter here in the U.S. 

For $50 per month you can provide Kedir and his family with the means to have food, send his children to school and get any medical care they might need.  This monthly support makes it possible for these men to fulfill their calling and is one way God equips them to serve.  THANK YOU to all of you who are already sponsoring one of these evangelists – they are incredibly grateful!

If you would like to be a vital part of what God is doing through Kedir and his co-laborers to bring the truth of Jesus to a hungry people, please contact us.  We will send you a prayer card for Kedir and updates from our ministry director when she visits these men.  Contact us at:

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