We want to see it in our children but we often struggle with how to cultivate hearts of thankfulness when we’re surrounded by SO MUCH.

Kristen has written a great post with some very practical ideas for parents:

I also just finished reading Running For My Life by Lopez Lamong and loved it!  It’s about one of the ‘Lost Boys’ of Sudan and his life journey to the U.S. with a goal of running in the Olympics.  But overshadowing all of his accomplishments are his heart of thankfulness to God for rescuing him from life in a refugee camp and his desire to give back to his country out of his own success and blessing. I especially liked Kristen’s idea of reading this book together as a family.  It’s probably available at your local library.
And if you haven’t yet seen this video, gather your children around the computer screen and watch it together. Then spend some time talking about it.  There might be some interesting questions and insights.