A Letter to the North American Church:  Because It Is Time
*Please read this post by Ann Voskamp –
if you’re like me, you’ll need to reread it and ask God what He’s saying to YOU!
You’re famished for More, for hard and holy things, for some real meat for your starved soul, some real dirt under your fingernails, some real sacrifice in your veins – some real Jesus in your blood and in your hands and in your feet… it is us who want hard and holy things because we want more than hollow lives.  We’re all hungry for uncomfortable because we’re hungry for God – and He is outside of our comfort zones.   

What Would Have Happened to Me if You Didn’t Adopt Me?
I felt an ineffable sadness, because in my darkest fears, I sometimes allow myself to speculate what would have happened to K if we didn’t adopt her.  The truthful answer is, I don’t know.

Angela’s Adoption Advice
@lajoyfamily blog
A teenaged adoptee, home for three years, shares her advice for adoptive parents – a great perspective!

The Wait
When you embark on your adoption journey, I think you envision the end result more than the process – at least I did. But much of the process is waiting. Here are some posts with ideas on what to do while you wait…

Adoption Doesn’t Mean Adoption
The Greek word for adoption is a compound of the word “son” and the word “to place.” Taken together they mean placement as a son.

The International Adoption Cliff: Do Child Human Rights Matter?
@Social Science Research Network
Download this article written by a Harvard Law School student characterizing the dramatic decline in international adoption since 2004 as the major human rights tragedy that it is.