ETC hope and help
Empowered to Connect is such an excellent source of help and encouragement for adoptive parents!  If you haven’t yet been to their website, be sure to check it out.  On the ‘Resources’ tab you’ll find articles, audio and video covering a wide range of adoption topics.

Today we’d like to highlight three articles that we hope will resonate with you.  Click on the titles to go to each one.

When I see fun-loving moms and dads who are seemingly naturally gifted at playing with their kids, it gets under my skin a bit. I see them and their kids both having tons of fun, and I get a little green with envy. They are good at play and being playful with their kids, and I am not. Play and fun seems easy for them, and for me it is anything but.
When parents make mistakes it can actually be healthy for both them and their children, so long as parents are quick to repair the ruptured connection.
You look around and it seems that other parents (you know the ones) have it all together.  They say “stop” and their kids freeze, they say “no” and their kids instantly comply without a peep, and they say “jump” and their kids seemingly ask “how high?” … So you go home and give it a try with your child, but much like the recipe gone awry or the repair job that fails, all you end up with is a big mess.  It was easy for them to say, but oh so very hard for you to do.