You know those times when you’d like to find something great to watch on TV but it seems there are very few good options?  I really just stumbled onto the movie I want to tell you about here on Netflix.

Sometimes those turn out to be the very best!


A Small Act is an Emmy award-winning documentary.  It’s the story of how one woman’s $15/month changed the life of one boy in Kenya and, eventually, a growing group of school children who are getting the opportunity for an education that would have otherwise been an impossibility. 

What I loved about this story was the humble little woman who thought she ought to do something – even if she was only able to do a small something – to help children across the world. 

I loved the young man’s gratitude that led him to pay it forward to other children in his same shoes.

I loved the way we got to share in the lives of these desperate families.  The weight of responsibility that the children carry is unimaginable.

I loved the friendship that has developed between two unlikely people – a Jewish holocaust survivor living in Sweden and a Harvard-educated Kenyan man working at the United Nations.


See this movieI think you’ll love it too. 

As I watched it, I couldn’t help but think of our Adoption Ministry 1:27 sponsorship program, where families are being preserved and lives are being changed through the “small act” of a monthly donor in Jesus’ name. 

Find out how this program works and how you can be a difference-maker here.

Could this be your small act?