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The Refresh conference is designed for foster and adoptive parents, kinship providers, grandparents, and others who care for God’s orphaned and vulnerable children.  We understand firsthand that this journey can be difficult and lonely.Take some time to watch these encouraging videos! 


Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World
Honestly, I don’t blame the kids. As parents, we often foster this mentality with our own actions. We compare ourselves (and our homes, cars, etc.) to what others have, we let media (and ultimately, advertising) influence our home by not limiting screen time and we have a hard time deciphering between needs and wants.

It Starts With You
10 Ways to Encourage a Global Perspective in Your Kids

Top 10 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew
@Adoption Learning Partners
This is a link to information about a webinar on May 14, 2013 put on by ALP.  You can submit questions to the panel who will be conducting the live webinar.  It costs $15 ($18.50 for 1 adoption education credit).

Postcards from Canaan
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Maybe you’ve wondered why I haven’t talked much about Ethiopia since we’ve returned home from meeting our daughter…