Pastor Zerihun has one thing in common with Zacchaeus in the Bible – they are both small of stature.  Beyond that, Zerihun and Zacchaeus are total opposites. 

Zerihun e
Pastor Zerihun

Zacchaeus was very rich and Zerihun is very poor.
Zerihun is grounded in the Lord while Zacchaeus was new in his faith.


Pastor Zerihun (right) with several of the evangelists he disciples

Zerihun has been coaching the 14 evangelists out of Gutumuma for the past 6-9 months, and I could tell there was a new vibrancy, strength and depth in the men’s lives.

One of many times of prayer together with the evangelists

Zerihun teaches and travels with the 14 men he is sending out two-by-two to nearby villages to preach the Good News.  His strategy is simple and extremely effective, and Gutumuma is becoming the hub for Christianity in the area.  His heart and vision is to see his disciples (these 14 men) have hearts of integrity and complete devotion to God.  Both his personal lifestyle and teaching reflect these character qualities.


These 14 men are accountable to him.  With his wise teaching and counsel, the evangelists are becoming stronger and more effective in their work. 
Zerihun outlined the three areas his teaching encompasses:

1) To enlarge the spiritual capacity of each evangelist and to teach them how to study God’s word in-depth
2) To give them evangelism strategies and how to share Christianity in culturally relevant ways
3) To give them understanding and practical tools to disciple converts

It is one thing to lead someone to Christ; it is something entirely different to disciple them.  Over the past 6-9 months, six additional villages have been introduced to the Gospel and so far 80 people have become Christ-followers.  Many small house churches have sprung up where discipleship training is the primary teaching. 

Pastor Zerihun & family

Zerihun has been supporting his family on the $100 per month he receives from two of our generous sponsors.  But as you can imagine, this is just not enough to feed and support a wife and two children.  We are seeking a church, a person or group of people willing to make a monthly commitment of $250 so he can work for us full time and meet his family’s needs.  Please contact us if you are interested or would like more information: