by Joy Casey
from Ethiopia

It is not who you are or what you bring to the table that determines if God can use you.  It is simply a matter of being available and being willing to step out and do what God has asked you to do:  show up and say yes! 

I have been traveling with a great group of people who have done just that.  Our time together was fun as well as spiritually rich.  From three gals from Texas who blow my socks off, to veteran YWAM colleagues Wick and Jan Nease (Streams of Mercy), Charlene Nease and her son Will (yes, they are related to Wick), to Brittany, a lovely young YWAM missionary from Canada, to Jacob, a 15-year-old who has become one of my favorite people, to a fantastic young adult (and former YWAMer), Josiah, who is videoing this trip… we had loads of fun.  We pulled together through flat tires, food poisoning, strep throat, odd food and squatty potties.  All were faced with faith and fortitude!

When we went to Gutumuma, a village about 6 hours from Addis in the Rift Valley, we had a wonderful time with the 14 evangelists working out of that village.  Most of us brought a word of encouragement to the men, and we had a powerful prayer time together.  Praying for these men and what they face daily is serious business, and everyone involved felt the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit.
Brittany and Will e
Jacob and Cinnamon e
Wick and Joy e
Stephanie and Rebecca e

Rebecca (one of the gals from Texas) lives every minute of her day intentionally for Jesus.  Her goal in everything she does is to introduce people to Jesus.  Rebecca is one of the dearest people and her acceptance, love and genuine kindness draws people to her.  Evangelism is her DNA, and she asked the Gutumuma evangelists if they would pray for her for favor, energy and success as she shares Jesus Christ in America.
176- with Josiah
One of the gals from Texas brought all the evangelists caps, and they had fun picking out the one they liked best and it was rewarding to see them so delighted with their gift.  Just look at those smiles!