by Michelle Gallegos

We brought home our son from Ethiopia in September of 2010.  Because we were having trouble finding resources locally to help keep him connected to his Ethiopian heritage, we began making weekend trips to Seattle to visit the playdates and events held at the Ethiopian Community Center located there.  We desired to try to replicate those playdates locally and after making a few phone calls to our church and to a couple other adoptive moms, we began meeting for our Ethiopian Cultural Playdate in the Fall of 2011.

We now meet regularly throughout the year.  Recently, we came together to celebrate Genna (Ethiopian Christmas).  Some arrived in their beautiful, traditional attire.  
We enjoyed a feast including Doro Wat, Beef Tibs, Mesir Wat, Sambossa, Shiro, Aleecha, and of course -lots of injera.  All these dishes were prepared by the adoptive parents who have been practicing their Ethiopian cooking skills.  We enjoyed the music of a Marimba band and let the children play while parents visited.

We ended the morning with a man visiting from a local Ethiopian church gathering our children around (all 50 of them!!)  to teach them a song in Amharic.  We are so thankful this church wants to be more involved with our group to help teach our children language and traditions.  It was a wonderful day celebrating with people who have now become friends and connecting with families who are just like ours; beautifully Ethiopian-American!  

This group has been a wonderful resource for sharing information on culture, traditions and cooking tips, supporting those starting the adoption process, welcoming children home to their new families, and encouraging each other in the Lord always.  
Michelle and her husband Robert live in Idaho and are currently in the process of adopting again from Ethiopia.  Thanks to Michelle for sharing this great idea for family fellowship and cultural connection!