Caring for your Ethiopian child’s hair can seem like a daunting task and I know there is a steep learning curve.  But you can do it!  And you don’t have to know how to braid hair like these photos to keep your child’s hair looking healthy and well-cared-for.  I have heard more than once from families who have been approached in public about their child’s hair – with compliments but also criticism along the lines of “White people can’t do black hair” and “That child’s hair is nappy!”  Hair is very important in black culture so it’s worth the time and effort it takes to learn how to take good care of your child’s curly locks.

My purpose here is to give a few resources and then have as many people as possible leave comments with what’s worked or not worked for you.  This isn’t intended to be the definitive source of information on black hair care for kids and all links are here for you to check out and decide if there’s anything helpful there you can use.

First, a few websites and blogs that offer great advice, product recommendations and tips for styling.

@Nations Around Our Table blog
(Scroll to bottom of page to section titled ‘Keeping It Real’
and click on hair care videos)

Several YWAM families have shared what they’ve learned about hair care – much of it from personal experience!  You have to find what works for your child’s hair and your own budget and time schedule.  But do take the time to glean as much as you can from as many sources as you can.  It’s definitely not an area you can just overlook!  Click on these links to YWAM family blog posts about hair care:

Lessons, Routines and Products

7,739 Miles Away
Braids Braids Braids!
Okay, now we’ll open this up for your suggestions, helpful websites, product reviews, tips and tricks.  Please share!