The Monahan kids made a unanimous decision (it had to be unanimous!) to forego Christmas presents this year and instead to choose gifts for people who have less than they do. Each of them spent a lot of time looking over the YWAM Gift Catalog and each chose what they thought would be the most important things for others to have. 
Abdi (6 years old and adopted from Ethiopia) chose soccer balls and food. 

Ireland (10) chose food, bags of charcoal and a water filter and she went in with Kelden on a “Small Business Opportunity”. 

Kelden (12) chose a Bible and food. 

Aiden (7) chose a bed, a house, a donkey, food, charcoal and a Bible.  (Dad says “We had to postpone buying the house and Aiden was worried that the people would have a bed but no house.”) 

Reagan (3) was emphatic to give to the “Greatest Need” because the child in the Gift Catalog picture was one she would go back to again and again and point and say, “Baby, Me”.

Brandon and Dawn are understandably very proud of their kids.  “Each of these gifts is a reflection of our children’s personalities and it was awesome to see them reach out and decide to give first.   We are getting them very small gifts out of our pocket money.” 
The best gift of all for each of them will be delivered to their house right after Christmas.  Dawn will arrive in Ethiopia on Christmas Day to pick up Samuel, their second Ethiopian son.  “Our kids have been praying for him for a long time and they were very excited to see their prayers answered with a very fast embassy appointment and having him arrive before the new year.” 

Samuel with his dad and sister in Ethiopia for the court appointment 

THANK YOU to all five of the Monahan kids!  What a huge blessing you are – to your parents, to all of us who get to hear about your giving hearts and especially to some very grateful people in Ethiopia who will receive your gifts with much happiness!