In 2009 in the village of Gutumuma, Ethiopia (which lies about 122 miles south of Addis Ababa), a revival began.  Since then, hundreds of families have come to Christ.  Twenty children from several of these extremely poor families have been identified for sponsorship and receive education, school supplies and two meals a day. 


Our sponsors are extremely selfless in their giving because, unlike many sponsorship programs with large organizations, we aren’t able to facilitate individual communication with these children and updates are somewhat infrequent.  Instead, the families who sponsor a child can know that 100% of their monthly donation goes to directly support the children’s education. 

Kids lining up to receive their lunches
Walking back to the classroom to eat

YWAM, in partnership with Watch and Pray Ministries, has established a kindergarten and employs a teacher and a cook.  (Children in Ethiopia begin school at their ability level, not the grade they are ‘supposed’ to be in.)  The children in our sponsorship program attend this school and if we can garner the necessary funding, we would like to double the size of the school by the fall of 2013 – from 20 to 40 children.


With skyrocketing inflation in Ethiopia right now, food prices have become so high that the very poor simply cannot afford food.  Through the faithful donations of their sponsors, twenty children have enough to eat.


From the time the sponsorships began, we’ve noticed a marked difference in the physical appearance of the children – they have filled out, their eyes are brighter and there are many more smiles when our staff is able to visit them.  It is truly amazing to see what a difference better nutrition actually makes!

Two of the children in our program need new sponsors… 

Husen is 6 years old.  His father was killed and he is one of four children being raised by his very poor mother.  Husen would like to be a teacher when he grows up!
*SPONSORED!  Just one boy left!

Teshita is 8 years old and one of nine children.  His family is one of the poorest in this village.  His father relies on farming to provide for his family.  Until this year Teshita was unable to attend school because his family could not afford the uniform and cost of books to attend the local school.

For a commitment of $30 per month, you will help provide food and education for one of these boys.  Please contact us if you’d like to sponsor one of these two boys and we’ll send you a prayer card, information about how to set up a monthly sponsorship and updates from Gutumuma when our staff visits.  You can reach us at:

Thank you so much!