Together on the Ledge
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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and has always been a treasured day for our family.  We love a Christmas tree with sparkling lights, stockings stuffed to their brims, meaningful gifts, and lots of special food. But with the addition of our children from “hard places” we have found it necessary to learn new strategies to successfully celebrate holidays together as a family.

Why Christmas Stinks Sometimes
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It instantly occurred to me that somehow I managed to have the only elementary school-aged child in all of America who actually hates Christmas. But I quickly asked the obvious question, “Why?”

An Older Child’s First Christmas Home
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Often, having had to survive a number of holiday seasons wondering if they would ever have the experience of purchasing gifts for a son or daughter, many new adoptive parents are at risk of overwhelming and indulging the new child in the family.

Celebrating Christmas With Newly Adopted Children
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I’ve been wondering just how to “do” Christmas this year with three newly adopted children from Ethiopia. I would really like to change our “normal” Christmas to focus more on Christ and less on presents.

Creating a Hopeful Christmas for Your Adopted Child

Adoptive families of older children, especially during the holidays, must be sensitive to their new child, while bringing him or her into the family and making him or her a part of traditions that have been in place for years. The following seven points can help us get through a holiday fraught with emotion, keep our important family traditions, blend in our new children, and head off most major blow-outs.

Adoption Gifts
Here are some adoption gift ideas … from adoptive parents and birth parents to adoptees.

Audiobook Ideas for Your Family
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A list of audio stories you can use at bedtime, in the car, during quiet play…