Don’t you love a good hero story?  The folks in the stories below haven’t entered a burning building to save a life or used super-human strength to lift a beam off of someone who was pinned underneath – at least that we know of!  But their generosity and sacrifice has made a huge impact in the lives of the very poor in Ethiopia. 

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Kids Changing the Lives of Kids
Something as simple as selling cookies makes a huge difference

Talent Project-2
Bursting With Thankfulness
Houses and sheep given to many families in Gutumuma

Smith fam

They gave up their Christmas gifts last year so children in Ethiopia could have clean water, food and bibles!


These kids bought a house!
An Awana group in Arizona worked hard to provide a big blessing in Ethiopia


Kids Blow Me Away!
Water filters, formula and food – all from big-hearted kids
He was planning to get a parrot
A generous boy changes his mind about spending his savings
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many ways to become a hero to someone in Ethiopia.