As the Christmas giving season is approaching, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new 2012/2013 YWAM Gift Catalog!  This year we have been able to add online ordering to make it easier for you to give using a secure Paypal option!

If only there was a way to adequately share the BLESSING your Gift Catalog giving is to a desperately poor family, struggling to put food in hungry tummies, provide clean water to drink or keep children protected from the elements.   I think the best way is through stories and pictures of real women and children receiving new clothes or a new mattress to replace a piece of cardboard.   Sometimes our mission teams get to be the lucky ones to deliver these gifts.  Other times they are brought by our in-country representative, Abebe.

Talent Project-10
Recently Abebe coordinated a livestock project in the village of Gutumuma.  Mike and Dinah Monahan gave a large donation toward this project and over $900 was donated for goats via the Gift Catalog, which provided 15 goats to families of missionaries and other Christians in that village.  The extra blessing is that almost all of those goats were pregnant!  Abebe tells us that these families “are very happy and grateful and thankful about the gift you gave them.  This helps them a lot in their personal life and family life.  God bless Adoption Ministry YWAM!”

Talent Project-4
Talent Project-8
These recipients aren’t the only ones who receive a blessing!  We hear from many families here in the U.S. whose children have saved their dimes, quarters and dollars to give water filters, food and even a house to a family across the world in Ethiopia that they’ll likely never meet.  We are so impressed with the generosity of your children – it’s a reflection of some pretty great parenting and of God’s love in action!

You can view everything available to donate from our Gift Catalog by clicking on the button below:
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There you’ll find something for every budget, from donkeys to dresses, sheets to surgeries, bibles to business start-ups.

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For seven brothers and sisters, the question was: How should we spend the $100 we saved all year?


**Tell us how your giving via the YWAM Gift Catalog has impacted your family or kids.  We’d love to share your story!  Leave a comment here or contact us at: