There is a common misconception about adopting internationally that goes something like this:  Once my child is in our loving family, the healing and attachment that must take place will happen within a certain amount of time and then our family will once again settle in to what it ‘used to be like’.

A very real adjustment takes place when each family member realizes that their family won’t be the same – cannot be the same – and that the new dynamics of their family are for a lifetime!

From Empowered to Connect…  

“As a result of their early life experiences, children from hard places often miss out on some of the key development that is essential in helping them learn to trust and grow relationally.  As a result of their unique histories and needs, these children need parents that are willing to utilize the unique approach of trust-based parenting to help them heal and grow.

Watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis encourages adoptive and foster parents to embrace trust-based parenting as the ‘new normal’ that God has called them to as an essential part of the journey.”

Watch the video here on the Empowered to Connect website.